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I’m Macaire and recently started 9th grade. My little brother, Camden, is in 4th grade. We live in Illinois in the USA. I started creating chalk art in March 2020 to entertain Cam while at home during COVID.

Cam is included in every picture I chalk and helps bring the art to life. We set a goal of creating chalk art for 100 days in a row and met that goal on July 4, 2020…

Slide Macaire's Muse - Niagra Falls Macaire's Muse - Giant's Causeway Macaire's Muse - Walton Lighthouse Macaire's Muse - Rio Macaire's Muse - St Andrew's
Macaire's Muse - Toronto

We’re honored how widely our chalk art is being shared.

Over 40 countries across 6 continents have written articles about our art and people from all over the world ask Cam to ‘visit’ their country through the art.

I continue creating chalk art because I’m so excited that it makes people happy and because there are many more adventures for Cam to take. Thanks to all of you who encourage us with kind words and travel ideas. We are so happy knowing our world is growing a little closer through Cam’s travels. Please join Cam as he continues to explore the world, all from our driveway.


Since March 2020, I have created over 140 chalk drawings.
Please check them out and add a comment to let me know what you think.


Cam and Hopper Travel the World

Cam and Hopper Travel The World

Imagine travel — daring adventures new sights — yet staying in place

Available on AmazonJoin Cam and Hopper as they explore each of the seven continents and the North Pole, all from our driveway. Get inspired to plan, recreate or remember your own travel adventures. Macaire’s interactive chalk drawings and inspiring haiku depict the bond between friends who uniquely experience the world. 

I’m using 50% of my book sales to donate this book to educators. My goal is to donate at least 1 copy of this book to an educator in every US state, and to as many countries as possible.

The World From Our Driveway

The World From Our Driveway

Available on AmazonExperience over 115 adventures and travel with Cam, all from our driveway. Walk the Great Wall of China, rocket to Jupiter, skip rope with kangaroos, drive a gondola, zip lining over Niagara Falls, ride a jet pack over an active volcano, scooter in Russia, golf in Scotland, get abducted by aliens, and many more.

If you purchased our book and enjoyed it, we’d greatly appreciate you writing a positive review on Amazon, since it will help others find it.


Watch how I create the art. Each drawing is approximately 12×16 feet and I draw them free hand. I measure Cam to ensure he ‘fits’ in each space.


Cam and I are having a great time talking with others who are helping share our story. Here’s some recent examples of interviews.

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